Formed in the heart of New York’s historic capital, the City of Albany Pipe Band has been stirring souls and igniting passions with the powerful sound of bagpipes and drums since its inception in 1984. Comprised of a talented group of musicians who share a deep love for Scottish and Celtic heritage, and the mesmerizing call of the Highlands, this ensemble has become a beloved staple at parades, competitions, and cultural celebrations across the region.

Renowned for their thrilling performances that seamlessly blend traditional Celtic tunes with dynamic modern arrangements, the band takes listeners on a riveting auditory journey through time and tradition. With each note and rhythm, they not only preserve the rich legacy of Scottish and Irish music, but also infuse it with a vibrant, contemporary energy that resonates with audiences of all ages.

Whether marching in the kaleidoscopic swirl of kilts at the Tulip Festival or competing in prestigious bagpiping competitions, the City of Albany Pipe Band embodies a spirit of camaraderie and excellence. Their music transcends borders, touching hearts and connecting communities through the universal language of music.

Join the City of Albany Pipe Band as they continue to forge a path of musical excellence, celebrating the past while marching boldly into the future. Experience the power of pipes and the thrill of the drums as they bring the soul of Scotland and Ireland to the streets of Albany and beyond.

Pipe Corps

Matthew Wilson
Pipe Major
Mike Foley
Mike Battenfeld
Glenn Braddock
Tom Callahan
Paul Hickey
Sean Higgins
Mary Houghton
Matthew Martin
John McPhillips
Chris Shepherd
Evan Westlake

Drum Corps

Dan O’Hare
Drum Major
Rob Anna
Erin Cole
Jenny Martin
John Sawyer
Sheila Sawyer
Matt Truex
Katherine Urban
Conor Westlake